From what age you can consider having a rhinoplasty

It is generally accepted that we should wait until the age of 18 to be able to perform a Rhinoplasty.
There are several reasons, the main one is that the process of ossification of the bones of the face ends
usually around this age.
The reason for which it is advised to make the Rhinoplasty from the 18 years responds not only to
anatomical issues of the nasal structure we must also take into account the emotional maturity
of / for the patient.
It is considered that at approximately 18 years of age the nose has stopped growing and although it may grow
for 1 or 2 years this will be minimum . A patient’s nose can change quite a bit from the age of 15
years up to 21 years of age, especially in cases of an aquiline or broad nasal tip or
fall .
Often come to my office in Barcelona Rhinoplasty patients of 16 or 17 years who feel
It is very important to advise them to be patient with the aesthetic aspect of their nose.
and wait at least until you are 18.
This date of coming of age is not an exact and precise limit, far from it. We will have to
Consider several factors before considering a Rhinoplasty surgery. The first is that the patient
indicate to us what you dislike most about your nose and what is a priority to correct.
do a rhinoplasty to exclusively correct a wide nasal tip in a patient who is breathing
well and that a patient with a cartilaginous bone hump and that also presents a deviation of the
nasal septum .
In the first case of a Rhinoplasty to improve exclusively the nasal tip can be performed
perfectly at the age of 18 because it will be a very unaggressive surgery in which we will only
surgery on the alar cartilages and in which there will be no edema or hematoma and nasal packing
will be 24 hours . In this case the rhinoplasty will be little aggressive and in a few days the patient
breathe normally .
In cases where it is necessary to correct an important osseocartilaginous bump but there is no
difficulty in breathing through the nose I advise to wait a little longer until the age of 19 but it is relative
depending on the emotional maturity of the patient because in this case there is likely to be a
mild bruising and that the necessary nasal packing will produce during the time it takes
a state of discomfort with distress and anxiety .
If the patient presents a significant deviation of the nasal septum, especially at the posterior level
in addition to an alteration of the nasal pyramid as may

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