Ciruelo Cabral was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires on July 20, 1963.
At twenty one, he became a freelance illustrator and started a career as a fantasy artist.
In 1987, Ciruelo travelled around Europe and settled in Sitges (Barcelona, Spain). Afterwards, he initiated a search of publishers for his “Worlds of Fantasy”, eventually finding them in Spain, England, the United States and Germany, reaching an international audience.

Among his US clients, there is George Lucas, for whom he illustrated the book covers of the trilogy “Chronicles of the Shadow War”.

Ciruelo has also illustrated the cover for the 10th years Anniversary edition of the book ERAGON, by Christopher Paolini.

He has also created a number of album covers, Steve Vai’s “The 7th Song” and “The Elusive Light and Sound” being two of them.

Other clients include Wizards of the Coast (Magic cards), TSR, Berkeley, Tor, Warner, Ballantine, Heavy Metal magazine, Playboy magazine and others.

He’s also worked with Alejandro Jodorowsky on a comic story published in France and in the USA in 2006.

Another branch of Ciruelo’s art is Petropictos, the Art of Painting on Stone, a type of art that captures the public’s attention in exhibitions that tour different countries. He created this technique in 1995 and consists in painting on stones in which he is able to discover three-dimensional images and create artworks halfway between  paintings and sculptures.